Web-to-slack was created "by mistake". I was looking for comments system I could use on my blog. All of a sudden I though "hey, maybe I could use Slack for this?". Well, I could but it wasn't the best option. I was left with some code and vague idea for it. This is how web-to-slack was born.

How it works?

Project utilises websockets, pubsub messaging and Slack bot. Website exchanges messages with websocket server. Each message sent by a website is being published to Redis. On the other side subscriber receives the message and pushes it to Slack channel. If someone responds to the message, bot kicks in and publishes the message to different channel subscribed by websocket server. Server formats the message and sends it back to client.

For more detailed information check the readme file in the project's repository. I'm planning to create a proper wiki for this project and keep it updated.