New hosting

04 Mar 2020

Past few months were really busy for me. Long story short I became devops engineer trainee, and most of my free time I spent reading about new stuff and improving in areas I was already was familiar with. This plus my need to move blog to different hosting caused I went silent for really long time.

Recently I had little more time, so I moved my blog (this is first entry on a new hosting, using new publishing tool). Unfortunately I lost few articles in the process. Funny part is that I had a local and online backups but something went horribly wrong and both backups got updated with corrupted data.

Apart from the data loss I’m very happy about a new setup. I’m using static site generator Jekyll to write articles. To keep articles save I use git repository. Generated html files are uploaded to S3 bucket configured as static files hosting. To access my blog by a domain (not some random string or IP address) I have set up CloudFront. Last part - handling forms - has not yet been finished. I didn’t want to use 3rd party javascript libraries, so I came up with an idea - API Gateway to receive post request, Lambda function to process data and forward it or publish on a blog. Changes I have implemented will save me a lot of time and money. So, stay tuned, new articles are just around the corner.