Convert your favourite Youtube videos into mp3 using Python

28 Apr 2020

One of my favourite TV shows is Parks and Recreation. If you don’t know it watch it. One of the main characters portrayed by Chris Pratt is a wannabe rock star. His band, Mouse Rat, created few quite good rock songs. Recently I re-watched this TV show and I tried to buy the soundtrack containing mentioned rock hits. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find it on Amazon, Apple Store and NBC store so I looked for it on Youtube and did what every developer would do, created a simple python script that converts Youtube video into mp3. Why homemade script and not one of bazillion websites that convert Youtube videos? Because first few sites I tested were filled with crap (ads, malware, redirects, etc.). Ok, let’s start.

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An easy way to convert json into csv

05 Mar 2020

I was asked recently to export data from a service that’s going offline soon. It wouldn’t be an interesting topic to write about but there was a catch. Exported data are in json format, and I was asked to provide csv files. When I started with data export I noticed that some rows got duplicated. I could add a simple fix for that in export script but the problem was that running the script took couple days. So, apart from converting json to csv I had to remove duplicates.

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New hosting

04 Mar 2020

Past few months were really busy for me. Long story short I became devops engineer trainee, and most of my free time I spent reading about new stuff and improving in areas I was already was familiar with. This plus my need to move blog to different hosting caused I went silent for really long time.

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How to set up SSL certificate for Nginx Docker container

28 Jul 2019

I have been using Docker for past few years as a dev environment. It’s easy to set up, run and maintain. Recently I decided to containerise one of my projects and check if running docker on production would be as easy as running it locally.

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web-to-slack - realtime chat for your website that talks to Slack

09 Jul 2019

Web-to-slack was created “by mistake”. I was looking for comments system I could use on my blog. All of a sudden I though “hey, maybe I could use Slack for this?”. Well, I could but it wasn’t the best option. I was left with some code and vague idea for it. This is how web-to-slack was born.

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Vagrant and load balancing

08 Jul 2019

Have you ever needed load balancing on your local dev environment? I have. And luckily for me it was much easier to create than I expected.

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OAuth authentication without a browser

07 Jul 2019

For some time now I’ve been struggling with an OAuth authorisation. Every time I wanted to build console app that uses service secured with OAuth I had the same problem - how to provide user name and password without a browser. After some research I came up with an idea - I can use a headless browser and Selenium to interact with it.

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Private Composer packages with Satis

06 Jul 2019

One of the greatest additions to PHP environment is Composer. Together with provides enormous amount of packages for every PHP developer. I know, PHP had package manager before it was cool (I’m talking about you PEAR) but Composer was something everyone was waiting for.

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The magic you can do with CSS, checkbox and radio button

04 Jul 2019

Back in the days styling checkboxes and radio buttons was a traumatic experience. Every time I saw design with cute, colourful checkboxes I knew it will be a pain in the ass. Fortunately since IE9 we can use :checked pseudo-class to play with checkboxes and radio buttons.

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Configure your new Raspberry Pi in headless mode using macOS

04 Jul 2019

You got your fresh Raspberry Pi, but you lack an external keyboard, mouse and monitor? Don’t worry there’s an easy way to configure your pretty microcomputer. All you need is a little patience and some beer.

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