Hello World... again

29 Jun 2019

Hello World! is a blog I started 8 years ago. At first, it was a place where I was keeping knowledge I needed, but it didn’t take long to realise that this small blog is gaining a relatively large audience. So I started to write about everything I found interesting. Occasionally I wrote a piece of crap but in the end I don’t regret anything I wrote here.

Past few years weren’t good for my blog. I couldn’t find new idea for it and my articles weren’t as good as they used to be. I had two options - close Hello World! or fight for it. I chose the latter.

By coincidence my choice merged with huge life changing decision - I moved to Melbourne, Australia and became full stack developer. Before that I was team leader, architect and all kind of backend developer (junior, mid level and senior) so as you can see it was major change for me, distance between my previous and current home is over 15000 km. If I could move so far away from home (it’s almost end of the world), I could resurrect my blog. And I did, and you are witnessing it.

So, what you will find here? Current work problems and solutions, current projects, everything I find interesting, tutorials and how-tos. I will be writing about PHP, Pyhon, JavaScript and CSS - basically all I like and do for a living.

Last but not least. Inspire of being production ready, blog is still under heavy development. It lacks some functionalities,some parts require polishing. It will take me few weeks to finish all the work I have planned. Having said that I hope you will help me with finding all missing and misbehaving parts of this blog. Please report every issue and every typo you find.

I hope you will enjoy reading Hello World! as much as I enjoy creating it.