Blade Builder - static site generator

July 4, 2019, 9:11 p.m.

Why another static site generator? Because why not. If it's good it should be out there helping others with their static sites. Fun fact about Blade Builder - it was designed as simple tool for frontend developers working with Laravel.

As said before Blade Builder was a tool initially built for frontend developers. I found really annoying digging through tons of HTML files my frontend team was producing. Every time I needed to change something it was a struggle - my views were split between layouts, partials and actual views and frontend devs delivered one big HTML file.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to implement this tool as I was about to quit my job so I've added build command and released Blade Builder as static site generator.

Recently I've updated this package to use latest version of Laravel template engine. Blade Builder its and documentation can be found at Github - Blade Builder.